• Lakebay, Washington : A Place to Relax

    Are you looking for an awesome spot for a family reunion? A getaway where you can slow down and relax? Check out this gorgeous historical home my parents own and rent out in Lakebay, Washington. It is right on the water and boasts amazing views and quiet seclusion. With three homes on the property there […]

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  • Artistic Dental

    Shot these for Dr. LeMone, an artistic approach to dentistry.

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  • Dr. Bryson LeMone

    I got to do a really fun job for Dr. Bryson LeMone. Bryson is a new dentist in town who has just started his own practice. They started from scratch and him and his wife, Kathryn, have made a gorgeous office. They just wanted some creative fun stuff in addition to a couple portraits of […]

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