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Sometimes I just want to pinch myself as I ponder on the opportunity I currently have to do travel photography. This is my absolute favorite type of photography. Whether I am documenting my children as we travel or simply photographing the street and landscapes I observe I love every moment. Reliving these sights through my photographs is an experience I will treasure forever!

Do you want to be able to capture amazing photographs of your family as you travel? It is so important to make those memories last as long as possible. Here are a couple tips on how to make meaningful photographs of your families adventures! I am participating in a blog circle today so make sure to head down to the bottom of the post to follow the circle around.

#1 As you scroll through the images I decided to include here you will see a little bit of everything. Details, people (both my own family members and strangers), architecture, landscapes, streetscapes. You will see candids and posed shots. In order to really capture the essence of your day of adventure shake it up and get a taste of each thing you see! These were all shot in one day in Kyoto, Japan.

#2 Modes of transport : Especially when you are visiting a big city, take a moment to capture the modes of transportation you use. Not only do trains, planes and buses often have awesome light, these in between moments will be some of your strongest and funniest moments. As you try to get from place to place, you could get lost, embrace that adventure and make sure to document it. A huge part of traveling is the transport you use!

Travel Photography Tips

#3 Take time to be silly! When you are traveling with kids, they will need a break from touring from time to time. These breaks are not only important for sanity, but also are a great chance to make amazing memories. My favorite times on all my international trips have been when we stopped and let the kids (or adults) play.

#4 Streetscapes are fun. I know this makes some people uncomfortable, but when you see beauty or interest in the world, on the street, where ever you are : just lift up your camera and take a shot. It is SO fun. My biggest advice when it comes to street photography is if you see something that makes you feel something, shoot it!

#5 Landscapes are important. They are not always my favorite type of photograph, but I love to have them as a background when I put together a book of my travels. Obviously capturing where you were and the big picture will add a lot to your travel photography. I always like to start wide and then focus in on the details of a place.

#6 Don’t forget the details! When it comes to making memories, sometimes the close up and detailed shots will trigger the brain the quickest. My daughter and niece loved these little animals lined up on the side of this shopping street. And I know this image will always remind them of this one wonderful day in Kyoto!

#7 Architectural elements : I love architectural elements and they will help tell the story of your travels so well. They will show you where you are and what it is like. Use windows and doors to frame your shots, bridges and gardens to remember just how big or small a space is. Architectural elements should never be overlooked!

#8 Light. Always light. How can this possibly be the last tip? You know that light is the most important element when it comes to photography. I love to look for the light. When I can get an amazing sun flare like the one below well that’s a huge win. But I love subtle light too. You should look down alleyways, use water reflections, watch how the light enters buildings and buses. Japan is a perfect place for this!

I hope you feel as happy as my son reading this post today and that going forward you will be able to capture your families adventures better! I don’t think I could say enough times how grateful I am for this chance to travel and I know if you take the opportunity to do it in your own life you will see the rewards as well! Want to see more places I have seen? Check out travel photography in Bangkok, Thailand.

Remember to follow the blog circle around until you get back to me! Next up is Shelly Niehaus, and she is talking about finding joy in teen portrait sessions. She is a talented Dallas teen photographer.

Anna Rasmussen is a featured and award-winning family portrait photographer in Okinawa, Japan. She loves documentary-style family vacation photography and beautiful lifestyle portraits. Her two favorite things to photograph are travel logs and birth stories in the hospital, but she also loves everything family – from capturing the joy of expectant parents in maternity photography, the first days of a baby’s life in Newborn Fresh 48 Sessions, the beauty of everyday chaos in Family Day-in-the-Life Sessions, and on-location family portrait sessions. Anna is an on-location photographer, serving the entire island of Okinawa and ready to travel to many major cities in the Asian area. Book a session here with Anna today! Thank you so much for stopping by!

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  1. Tanya

    How lucky you are to be able to travel like this!! These are such wonderful tips and you’ve captured such variety because of utilizing them. Regarding street photography… my daughter wants to get into that, but we both find it so intimidating. How do you find strangers react to you possibly capturing photos of them?

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