One perfect moment in time {disneyworld north carolina candid childhood}

We had the fun fabulous blessing to spend a week in Orlando at the beginning of this year and it really was the perfect trip. In some way we chose the perfect moment to go. Our family was just the right ages for everything to be magical, fun and almost easy. We had only been to Disney World once before and it had been so crowded I vowed never again. But this time we chose the perfect season as well, we walked on rides, had a wonderful balance of big kid and little kid rides, and just had a blast. This trip is also one of the few times traveling with all my children where I really felt like I was able to capture the story of our trip in photographs. In the past I was always too tired, sore, etc to carry the camera in addition to whatever else was needed to survive an amusement park. My children are at that golden age where there is still magic in Disney for them, but they do not need to be carried or have constant snacks. This opened my arms for my cameras.

I felt like we really soaked up each moment of our time and looking back at these images just brings the entire week back to life for me. My oldest had to go on a few more kiddie rides then he would have preferred and my youngest was slightly scarred while falling down the big drop on Splash Mountain. In order to capture and really enhance the magic of Disney I took a lot of double exposures on this trip. I love their whimsical and amusement park feel.

These double exposures were shot on my Lomo LCA+ camera. I honestly hadn’t used it in years before I went on this trip, and it was the best camera. I loved how small it was and the images that I got from it are by far my favorites of the trip! Love my little girls profile here, floating high above the castle.

Harry Potter World was just as magical for my big boys as Disney. Especially my biggest boy pictured below. There is nothing like seeing things that you have only imagined in your brain come to life. Also the rides there in Universal were super exciting and fun!

I always feel a bit like I should not love Disney because it is such a commercialized place. Perhaps I am just a brain washed American, but I adore it. I will always relish in the magic of it. This trip in particular was one of those perfect moments spent with these five beautiful people, my family.

My photographer friend Emily Hamson went to Disneyland around the same time. We decided to connect our blogs so people could check out both experiences from two different perspectives. Emily is a talented Utah Nature Photographer and mother of four; click on over and see how they do Disney on the west coast!

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