Aquarium and a Russian Camera {film candid child photographer}

I bought a fun old soviet camera at an antique market in Moscow. It is a rangefinder and it took me a roll or two to get the focus figured out. But I loved running some rolls of Ektar through it and even though some of these shots are missing focus I love the feeling of them! Ektar film is quickly becoming my favorite film to shoot. As I focus on my style and “who I am as a photographer” I am quickly realizing that I am colorful. And I dont want whimpy white washed colors. If it is in color I want the real thing. These fall colors remind me of one of my favorite times of year.

Our little aquarium here in North Carolina is not the best one in the world by any means. But it is big enough to keep girly happy and there is a fun playground attached and thats all the boys need. Ha! It was a fun outing.

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