Intracoastal waterway beauty {golden family portraits north carolina}

 Sometimes the light and the moment just add up perfectly and this was one of those sessions. This was one of the best fall family portrait sessions this year. I loved the easy going manner of mom and dad, just enjoying their children and willing to work with whatever ideas I had. The children were sweet and obedient, but also ready to have some fun. It was actually a little bit chilly this evening but you would never know with that warm glowing golden light. What a beautiful family! I love them. I make an effort to get to know all the families I photograph. I find when we are friends the images just naturally turn out more naturally beautiful. Luckily these guys were friends first and then clients. We met them up in Maryland and then due to military orders have the awesome privilege of living around the corner from them here in North Carolina. We watch each others kids, double date, do game nights and GNOs together. Friends like them are what make the social side of military life fun! I am so grateful for their friendship and for this opportunity to capture their family!

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