A Day in the Ras {candid childhood north carolina photographer}

 Back in the early 2000’s when every stay at home had a blog and would post to it weekly or even daily, my blog was called “A Day in the Ras”. I don’t know if anyone else cared for that title, but I always loved it and still use it as a hashtag on Instagram and in my own personal archiving of images. To me it means, shots that I really didn’t stage. Moments that really just happened and I was there to capture it.

My life has changed a lot since those early motherhood days. Now I only have one at home with me most of the time and she is a girl and operates a little differently then her older brothers did. All of the images on todays post are of her while the bigs are at school, and they represent us. What I do with her during the day. I kept her home from preschool this year (my boys all attended 2-3 of preschool before kindergarten) but for some reason I just wasn’t ready to send her. She will go to three days a week of PreK next year when she is 5 (she just misses the cut off). I will miss her so much! She is my little sidekick and I know it will take a major adjustment to get used to my life without her at home. What will I do when I stop by the beach for some fresh air? Probably not build a mermaid castle like we did this day.

It is a new stage of life that I know I will enjoy, but also as I look through these images, I dread. Change is a part of the human existence and I know I will adjust. Today however I will just cling to the moments we have left of just the two of us, living our day to day life. What are your thoughts on your last baby?

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