Christmas bokeh all the day long {candid childhood photographer north carolina}

This Christmas I really got into bokeh and multiple exposures. It was such fun to really capture the magic of Christmas lights. I loved getting my kids with all the different kinds of lights and recording our Christmas traditions. Our gingerbread cookie recipe has been passed down for many generations and is always a favorite moment. We went caroling for our first time this year. The kids ran from house to house faster then they did on Halloween! We hit a lot of dark houses but also had some great receptions. I hope it will become a yearly tradition.

This last image I captured because of that handprint. I had cleaned the entire house top to bottom that day. I put the kids to bed and walked downstairs for one of my favorite Christmas things, sitting on the couch and enjoying the lights in the dark and quiet. I saw this handprint on the mirror on the stairs and I just had to photograph it. All I can think of is the poem about how fingerprints will fade away. As much as I love a clean home, I already know an empty clean one is going to be a very hard adjustment for me and it will be here before I know it. I hope beautiful photographs like the ones I created over Christmas will give me solace at those quiet times!

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