Too many images for one blog post. Sorry not sorry. {topsail beach family portraits}

One of my favorite things about our constantly moving lifestyle is the chance to live by different family and friends. During our time in Maryland, I loved living just 20 minutes from one of my best friends from college and two hours from a high school bestie. Here is North Carolina I get to live two hours from another best friend roommate from college! It is so fun. I love spending time with these friends and getting to rekindle our friendships, but also having the opportunity to get to know them on a different level : seeing them older, wiser and in their day to day element with their children.

Photographing them is the triple bonus. Meet my darling college roommate, her awesome husband and sweet kids. We got married around the same time (and I actually photographed her wedding a lifetime ago!) Our kids are similar ages and I just love hanging out with them whenever we get the chance. They came down to my beach for a session and it was the perfect evening. The weather and light was ideal, but it was also November so the beach was empty. I just loved every moment of this perfect beach family portrait session, hence the overshare of images. Enjoy!

If you are looking for some beautiful spring or summer beach family portraits on Topsail Beach, contact me today! Spots are already filling up!

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