Golden light and beautiful blue eyes : the perfect combo

How about the beautiful eyes in this family?! Keep those genes going strong because they are just straight up gorgeous. This was my second time photographing this family and I always love a repeat client. I know them and they know me and my style. Can I just say I have the best clients? Maybe all photographers think this, but I just adore all the people I photograph lately. In fact, in many ways I feel that learning to love people better has actually made my photography better. Obviously life is a journey for all of us, and I feel the older I get the better I get at being loving and non-judgemental. I still have plenty far to go int his quest, dont get me wrong. I am not anywhere near to perfect at it. But I have honestly felt a growth there, of love for my fellow humans. When I love someone, my ability to capture that person for real increases. Maybe this is all hogwash? Ha! But I believe it! All the photographs from this Hampstead Family Portrait Session can be found on my proofing site.

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