Photographing a photographer

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There is no greater honor then having another photographer ask you to photograph her family! Meet Wynona! It was so much fun to take her beach bum family down to the ocean and let them loose. I loved the laid back style of their clothing and attitudes. The girls ended up wet and sandy but I wouldn’t expect anything else from young kids on the beach. I love when parents let their kids go and enjoy themselves, that is actually my favorite thing to photograph. Children playing.

A little bit about my photographic journey. Wynona also shoots film so she asked me to shoot this session completely on film. This session was my first exclusively film family portrait shoot in about twelve years. I learned photography on film and used to photographs families and weddings only on film. But about twelve years ago I got my first digital camera and I love it as well. So now I use both in almost every instance. I love the quickness of digital and I like the wide range of situations it allows me to photograph in. But film will always be my first love. In beautiful light (like this!) it works so perfectly. It allows me to slow down and really focus on what I am capturing, and I just love the skin tones. They can’t be beat. I am so grateful that Wynona asked me to photograph her session this way because it was just stunning!

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