Yellowstone : Beautiful + majestic don’t begin to describe!

20160704_008 20160704_009 20160704_010 20160704_011 20160704_014 20160704_015 20160704_017 20160704_018 20160704_019 20160704_020 20160704_021 20160704_080 20160704_097 20160704_116 20160704_124 20160704_131 20160704_133 20160704_137 20160704_142 20160704_171 20160704_194 20160704_195 20160704_197 20160704_198 I grew up in the West, so I consider myself used to big skies and gorgeous valleys. I have even been to Yellowstone once before (as a 16 year old know it all), so as I planned a family vacation to this iconic American local I was going in with the idea that I had been there and see that. Yes I had seen Old Faithful erupt, but the beauty of not only Yellowstone but the entire Western region blew me away with its colors, vistas and skies. I could not put my camera down! I knew going in that Yellowstone was beautiful (duh, that is why it is the first National Park), but I was not prepared to fall in love with everything I saw. I am so grateful to live in this country that has so many different landscapes to enjoy.

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