Family Reunion Portraits : Sneads Ferry, NC

20160618_007 20160618_011 20160618_014 20160618_019 20160618_025 20160618_060 20160618_075 20160618_080PS2small 20160618_085 20160618_086 20160618_093 20160618_102 20160618_105 20160618_106 20160618_111 20160618_114 20160618_122 20160618_133This family portrait shoot happened the week of Father’s Day and I loved the timing. Seeing these Dad’s with their young sons was my favorite part of this shoot. In the world today, society and media have reduced fathers and men to comic relief that come and go and are not necessary. But in my opinion, there is nothing as valuable as a hard working loving father. Watching these three wonderful fathers made me so grateful for my own father and amazing husband. It was great to celebrate them with some awesome Daddy pics!

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