Rejuvenated : One Sunny Weekend in Seattle

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Fifteen years ago I was blessed to go on a study abroad in college. From that experience stemmed friendships that will last forever. Life has held joys, triumphs, disappointments and struggles for all of us, and I know there will be more of all of those to come. I am grateful to know that in addition to my wonderful family I will always have the unconditional love and strength of these three amazing, ordinary, fabulous women to back me up. I was not born into a family with any sisters but I feel I have been compensated over and over again by the inspiring women I do have in my life. Every couple of years the four of us get together for a “coma” as we call it, no kids, husbands, bills or real life. We laughed, cried, exercised, ate and explored. In our normal lives we are spread across the country and we don’t talk everyday or every week or every month even. But when we came back together it was if no time had passed, and yes I know that sounds cheesy! My favorite moments by far were spent kayaking out on the Puget Sound. We sat out there for hours, just talking, sunbathing and enjoying the peaceful lull of the water. The weather for our weekend could not have been more perfect and just added to the serene and therapeutic time. I have never seen Mt. Rainer so much. Time away from my everyday life and spent in the company of those who know me so well and love me anyway was THE best possible way to start of my summer. It rejuvenated my creativity, soul and body, as always, love you ladies and thank you for the wonderful time! Also did I mention we look totally hip and not nerdy at all on our Segways? You know you are jealous. 😉

2 Replies to “Rejuvenated : One Sunny Weekend in Seattle”

  1. Mindy

    Oh I love this! Your pictures are gorgeous. You are so talented my friend. This really was the BEST trip! Love you!!!

  2. Wendy King

    I just want to repeat the entire experience… long flight, Gus-Gus and bat included! It was magical and so are these pictures. I can’t get over the color. You are amazing and I want to frame one (hundred) of these!!

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