Six kids in Union Station, Washington DC

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This family portrait session was one of my favorites to date. I had traveled up to DC to do a round of family portraits and of course rain was predicted for just about everyday. With a 100% chance for the day of this session! We talked about rescheduling but with six kids, as you can imagine, trying to adjust the schedule the day before was impossible. So we changed locations, opting for Union Station with its large covered and beautiful areas. Between the rain and traffic delays, I did not think the shoot would go well, but when the family finally made it I was so relieved to find the parents happy and not stressed. If you want the secret for amazing family portraits this is it :: PARENTS – just chill out and be calm. If you are happy and relaxed, your kids will be happy and relaxed, if you don’t worry about being watched in the commuter hub of DC during rush hour, your kids won’t worry about it either. I honestly love EVERY image from this session and it is because of the attitude THEY brought! I was not really surprised to leave the session feeling like I had been blessed and taught by these wonderful parents and their children, I know them and know they are an exemplary family. I am trying to apply their relaxed and go with the flow attitude to my everyday with my kids. I just want to say thank you for a wonderful evening of family portraits!

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  1. Wendy King

    Well, that is the Hurt family to a tee! Great, great work, Anna!! Man, I missed that “chill out” memo before our session. Once again, I need to look to Carolyn as my example! 🙂

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