Peace : Motherhood and the sleeping child

When a client came to me with the request of documenting her children sleeping, I was immediately excited. Anyone who has ever had a baby knows that one of the most rewarding and wonderful times as a mother (or parent) is when that little ball of energy conks out. I treasure the times when I sneak into my kids rooms at night and gaze on their peaceful resting faces. The biggest challenge of this session was that she wanted them all together in the same bed and with ages ranging from 2-11 that was not an easy feat! Then of course there was the light, you know photography needs light to work, and humans in general need dark to sleep. With some perseverance we were able to capture the beauty that is sleeping children and I love the result. I used a couple different lighting techniques resulting in some images being harsh and some being soft. I think the harshly lit ones are my favorite because they show that it is dark in the room and nighttime. I am so grateful for the opportunity I had to photograph this different kind of lifestyle session! Children change so fast and as my client put it, one day all she will have to look back on are these images to remember what those kids looked like so little and innocent. I can’t wait to do this type of session with my own children.












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