Organize and decorate : pastimes for happiness

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This is my favorite space that I have ever decorated. It is also my favorite room in my house. I spend lots of time in here which is good because it makes me happy! A big shout out to and of course my husband (the master of all things attached to the wall) for helping me get this creative space completed. If you have not heard of Art Crate check them out. They are bringing curated art collections to your home on a subscription basis and all of the art is just stunning!

Anyway, back to my office. I love having my husband in here with me and having our island of desks in the middle.  It is not hard to see who chose the Dark Side. Ha! Just kidding honey! Another favorite for me is my little girl’s art corner. Since I spend a lot of time in here, she does too and I love that she can be right with me getting her creation on. The wrapping paper holder I made myself (thanks Pinterest) and I love the pops of color and pattern it adds, while keeping my cute papers visible and not scrunched. I see 2016 shaping up as an innovative year with this room as my backdrop!

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  1. Wendy

    Oh, this all looks so SO fabulous! I need to come back and see it (and gush) in person. The lighting is just incredible. Every tasteful detail is just right. Love the pops of colors that are both fun and functional. Love seeing touches of my little family in your happy place! Seems like just yesterday we were brainstorming how to make the most out of this room and a few short months later, you’ve nailed it!

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