Traveling with children : New York City

In April the boys and I had the opportunity to go check out NYC with my mom and brother. I LOVE to travel and the older my kids get the more I love to travel with them. Strollers and naps kill a trip like New York City, but having these boys along in their more independent but still kids stage was perfect. I love traveling with my kids because it forces me to slow down and say spend some time at a park in the shadow of One World Trade Center. When I travel my goal is always to feel like a local, no matter how foreign the place is and the kids help me do that! The slower pace, the need to find food at a moments notice and the pure boy silliness brought something to the Big Apple that I had not experienced there yet. I toted my Mamiya C330 and my Kodak Portra 400 around with me for the weekend as well and loved capturing this experience on film. I hope you enjoy it as well!

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  1. Kathryn Christensen

    Seeing pictures of the Big Apple through your eyes brought wonderful memories–but it also brought the city alive at a new, very personal level. The famous sights and skylines were there, but in the background –and yet were even more real and beautiful behind the tableau of the energy, life and faces of three darling boys. Personal, wonderful —

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