Setting my style : necessary or stifling?

I recently shared this image on Facebook and got some interesting feedback from it. This is an image made up of two images shot one right after the other. One exposed for the sky and one exposed for the foreground. The sky looked like this and the foreground looked like this, but yes it is impossible to expose both in one frame correctly. So I took two shots, one right after the other and then combined them in Photoshop. Honestly I love the outcome. It almost looks like a painting beyond the girl and her goat, and I love it. I have an ongoing debate within myself as to whether photography can and should be like this or if it should be true to what is actually capable for the camera to capture in one shot. Obviously most art is the artists interpretation, but photography has that clench on reality. Lots of people think it should stay that way and I am usually one of them. I would say my “style” of photography is very realistic. I love to shoot film and to capture it all in my camera, one shot. I have been told that I need to pick a style and stick with it because that is the only way I will be able to gain recognition, that then people will be able to see a photograph and say, that looks like Anna’s work. But honestly I struggle with this. I struggle with sticking with just photography, I want to dabble in all artistic expression. I want to paint, draw, photograph, decorate, style, and write. I love to be creative in graphic design with typography, to go crazy on a chalk board in my home, to try out new braids in my hair and then go walk a city I have never been to. I want to gobble the whole world up and I don’t have time to do it all perfectly! Does that mean I do it all mediocrely? I try to just be a film photographer, but I can’t leave digital alone completely and like I said I love this image which was not only originally shot on a digital camera but then doctored on the computer. I do not have the answer, but I can see that it is not my “style” at all to stick to one thing. So I guess I will just have to accept that I will never be recognized for one type of photography or art form and I will just keep being inspired by the many different ways there are to express myself in this world!

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  1. Kata

    Incredulous! I love to look into your heart. You said it all so perfectly and beautifully. I feel so much life in your post. I feel the passion of creating as you do, but your skill and talents are unmatched! Keep it coming, and your style will find you, I’m certain it already has.

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