What is this called again? A blog?

Wow, almost two years since I last posted on this blog. I have missed this and my personal blog as a creative outlet. But what can I say? Military wife, four kids, church, a dog and of course photography has left little time to write about photography. I am not committing to post every session on here, to share my thoughts on any scheduled basis or anything of the like but I did want to reopen this avenue of creativity for myself! So here I am! Today I am sharing some of my favorite shots from my paid sessions in 2014. We are actually getting ready to PCS again this summer and for sure as a photographer one of the hardest things about my husband being in the military is having to start my client base over each time I move. One of the most wonderful things is having new locations to explore and having friends all over the country and hopefully (if we get to go overseas) the world! 2014 was the only entire year we get to spend in Maryland and I loved it. Maryland really embraced my photography and my style and being a desert rat I just loved all the greenery in all my shots. Here are  some of my absolute favorites!


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