A Day in the Ras : Rockville, Maryland

For several years now I have been wanting to do a photographic project or series on motherhood. Being a mother is the hardest, most rewarding, most infuriating, loving job I have ever attempted. My ideas on how to do it have just fluttered around aimlessly in my brain with no distinct direction. I have even started a couple times, but come up with images I have not loved, images that have not conveyed what I felt. It has been hard for me to be the mother AND the photographer.

A year or so ago another FINDer did a “day in the life” series for her one year olds birthday. It inspired me at the time and I loved her images. Since being here in Maryland I have been loving the simplistic beauty of our life. Trust me, it is a busy life, but when I break it down to the simplest forms that is when I see the beauty and love that I have of our family life and of essentially being a mother. I set out to capture the beauty of the minutiae of our daily life. I was also recently inspired by my old roommate and good friend Annie telling me she wanted me to take pictures of her kids sleeping. Yes! That is the moment when all motherhood seems like a beautiful ride, when I peek in on those beautiful peaceful faces. My previous attempts at capturing motherhood have ALWAYS involved self portraits. This time I realized that seeing the mother’s face is not important to convey motherhood. In fact the very essence of motherhood is seeing the children. That is what I see. There are a few shots of me, taken by my husband. From sleeping faces, to sharpied cereal bowls, to imaginary games and holey footsie pajamas. These are the things that make my life gorgeous.

I wish I could just say, this project is finished, I am a person who likes to cross a thing off a list. But since I quit focusing my energy on this, everyday I see something and think, quick take a picture and add it to “A Day in the Ras.” Like motherhood, this idea is never finished, cross it off the list. So I am enjoying what I captured in these images and not thinking as much about the missing parts. I am so grateful to have been able to capture this one small moment in our lives.



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  1. Wendy King

    Oh, Anna! These are amazing! Some are truly breathtaking! My favorites: the one of Adam and Kate! Kate thru the crib, sleepers, pjs w/ holes, Kate smiling in the tub, the bare belly Evan, Adam at the piano. You truly captured motherhood. I mean, getting climbed all over in bed? Yep, that’s how it starts. Aren’t we lucky? WE ARE SO LUCKY! Thank you for reminding me. It’s about cheetoes and waiting for the bus and crying in the high chair and preschool drop off and trips to Costco and alllllll these exhausting things that are SO SIMPLE but they add up to be EVERYTHING to our most special people ever. I’m so proud of you for feeding your love, your art and serving the rest of us with the beauty it produced. You are an incredible mother AND photographer (b/c you can totes be both, ya know). Your kids are so lucky to have these images. What are treasure. They are so blessed to have you. So am I!

  2. Kathryn

    Sweetheart, thank you! Thank you for taking the extra time and thought and energy to capture these during the course of your busy hectic days. They are breathtaking! And yes, I need copies. I love you and I love seeing the world through your eyes. You are a blessing to me, to Al and to your children.

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