Nassau, Bahamas : Editorial Photography

I LOVE capturing the essence of a place.  Hopefully someday people will pay me to travel to nations around the globe and document the people, food, scenery and architecture that makes up a culture.  I adore it.  I am passionate about it.  LOVE.  This was all shot on Kodak Portra 400 film and my Bronica GS1 over Thanksgiving 2011.  I love shooting medium format film.  It just captures exactly what I see.  The people here were very nice and warm.  I was so afraid to approach women (they always scare me more!) and when I finally did it was the three women together outside the bank.  It ended up being my favorite shot from the day.  Which is your favorite?  Do you want to buy one?  Go here!

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  1. Kata

    Love! YOu know what a sucker I am for portraiture. I love the school girls. THis just all takes me back to St. Kitts and fond memories. I love the boat docked up. Lovely!

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