Film is Not Dead

What you have heard me say that before?  Well just in case you thought I had fallen off the bandwagon I so recently jumped on you are wrong!!  The FIND guide by Jonathan Canlas is going away forever!  Today is the LAST day to buy one!  Here is why you should buy one:  This engagement shoot was one of the first I have shot hybrid : film+digital.  I was feeling strapped fiscally and therefore pulled out my old 5D to supplement my couple rolls of medium format.  Funny thing is when everything is said and done …  ALL my favorites are from the film.  Basically, why did I waste my time with the digital?  And who/what do I have to thank for that?  Jonathan Canlas, Film is Not Dead and the FIND guide.  Go buy one now!  And if you like these images, leave some love, it only takes a moment 😉

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