San Francisco : Lifestyle Portraiture


So much to share so little time!  I have been shooting my life away the last few weeks and therefore, not sharing so much.  I am still IN LOVE with film, despite a big disappointment a few weeks ago.  Film really does force you to be better.  I have to pay more attention, be quicker, be smarter and think more.  I completely agree with Canlas when he says that digital has made our profession open up to people who just don’t want to work as hard.  And therefore the entire field has gotten dumber.  But I will get off my soapbox now and just share some more pictures from San Francisco.  I know, it was forever ago, but what can I say it was fabulous.  These were some of my strangers I met.  I decided to split it up into male and female and the boys are going first, just because the first guy, he was my favorite of the whole trip.  He was a trolley car conductor and my SILs can testify…a fabulous man…right girls!  Order prints here.

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