Kathryn : San Francisco, California

Recently I have wanted to work on me through my photography.  Rather then having photography be “just another thing that takes away time from my family” or “a way to make some extra money”, I have wanted it to be for me again.  My passion, my love, my outlet.  While chatting with some FIND friends someone reminded us that to keep getting better and better personal work is a must.  Someone else asked, “so what do you shoot for personal work?”  The answer, “Photograph what you love.”

I started to think about what I love and I know that I love people and their faces more then anything else.  I enjoy the various landscape and city shots that I take, but what I really love is people.  I got the opportunity to go on a girls trip with women I truly love and admire, my mom and sisters-in-law.  I tortured them slightly and made them stop our trip various places to let me take portraits of them.  They are each going to get their own posts and I hope you enjoy.

You can buy a print of my gorgeous mother here.

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  1. Kata

    Love these. I can just hear the laughter. You are extremely talented at capturing feeling. I love when I “feel” something when I look at your work. You have such a special way of capturing the real person. Beautiful Anna.

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