Newborn Portraits : Oceanside, California


These have been my favorite newborn portraits to date for sure!  Jude was so perfect!  I learned some important newborn things this day.  First of all I have always wanted to put newborns on black for some reason, but we did this at their house and I will always adore this mom’s style and I just LOVE white with the newborns now.  The second thing I learned is that if you take the pictures before the baby is two weeks old it REALLY makes a difference.  I have always heard that, but when the moms call me and want to do it at 2.5 weeks I always say yes.  I need to start putting my foot down, trust me the shoot will go SO much more smoothly.  An ADORING older sister and a gorgeous mom also makes a shoot stellar.  Thank you, thank you, thank you for the perfect shoot!

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  1. Kathryn Christensen

    the white, with just the soft neutrals of gray and tans/creams are fabulous. I think it accentuates the purity of the new one. And the textures of the blankets, the plate, the floor–all come out more too–you show them off so beautifully! Of course that hair is fabulous too!! It and the hat are in the texture category ! Gorgeous!

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