Las Vegas, Nevada : Children’s Portraits

Huge colorful balloons?  What is not to love!  These were shot in Calico Basin right before Red Rock.  After three days of extreme wind, we were so happy when it finally calmed down and the balloons would go straight up!  The clothing was of course perfect!  What a gorgeous little girl and her darling brother!

tech : Mamiya TLR + Ektar 100, Bronica GS1 + Pro400H, EOS 3 + BW400CN

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  1. Erin Dudley

    I LOVE this location as well. I would love to get a purple balloon too. That is the color to represent Pancreatic Cancer. The Orchard is not open until April 30th. I know Jana Laidlaw is having her receoption there on April 22nd. Marc also writes the insurance for them, so maybe I should call and see if they will let us sneak in before opening day. Your niece and nephew are so adorable!

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