Film is not Dead

Oh my!  If only I could shoot as much as I have been and still post to my blog.  I want to show you all what I have been doing!  But alas my children, husband, home and REAL photography keep me away.  Someday!

You all have heard about me and my newest obsession film.  For my photography the best thing that has happened to me since I graduated from college (several years ago) has been attending Jonathan Canlas’ Film is not Dead workshop.  It has been over six months since I went and I cannot believe the turnaround in my photography.  I have made an effort to shoot personal work something Jon says is crucial, and I am surprised to find that the more personal work I shoot, the more people hire me to shoot non personal work.  Also the more I enjoy shooting paid for shoots.  The JOY I am finding in photography reminds me of my time in college.

Now it isn’t that before life sucked and now it is perfect.  I had good days and times then, and I still have days that feel rutty, that is just part of being human.  But I am so grateful that I am shooting film.  My children are so grateful I am shooting film.  I cannot tell you how the time behind the computer was killing my creativity.  You can learn about film too!  Jon has written an ebook that he is selling off his website, and if that wasn’t great enough he offered to let me sell it off mine, so if you follow my link to his site I get a little kick back too.  Check it out and you can learn and leave digital behind!  You will not regret it!  That much I can promise!

The other thing I can promise is that I am not writing this just to get my couple bucks.  The book is fabulous!  Everything I learned spending two days with Jon, but cheaper!  🙂  I have so many friends out there who I tried to get to go the workshop with me and all I heard was “well sure I would like to shoot film, but that workshop is just too expensive!”  Now is your chance.  The book is great and more importantly FILM IS GREAT!

And for those of you in colder climates, here is a little bit of January in So Cal to get you excited for summer!  These were shot on my Mamiya TLR on Ektar 100 film.  Straight from the camera!

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