Happy Accident


I love shooting with my Holga.  I have had it for about 8 years and it is the one film camera I shot with throughout my stint in the digital world.  I love using it.  It is just wonderful to have an image come out so personal and different every time.  This image was a happy accident.  I shot the first shot while I was in Brian Head, UT over Christmas break.  My son is the third one over coming down the tubing hill.  He LOVED the tubing hill.  Right after I shot this I ran out across the tracks to help him off the hill and forgot to advance the film.  So when I got home to sunny So Cal, I thought oh I have one more shot before I get this film developed.  Got my boys together at the top of the stairs and shot it.  I love this shot of both worlds.  I love my Holga.

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