Somewhere outside Las Vegas


I love the desert sky.  Nothing beats it really.  It is just the most gorgeous sky out there.  Sunsets out in the desert are obviously wonderful, but I love the beauty in the middle of the day too.  I shot these somewhere outside Las Vegas.  My in laws live in Oregon.  When ever I tell people that they go on and on about the beauty there, and it is beautiful.  But after spending a Christmas holiday there I realized that really it is a trade off.  There you can have green and gray, and in Nevada blue and brown.  Either way you are getting one neutral color and one beautiful color.  After a dreary summer in So Cal this sky was like the most gorgeous thing I had ever seen.  I love finding the beauty no matter where I am.  Buy them here.

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  1. Kata

    I love them. I love what you said. I think I might need one of these. And a few of your portraits for my new home. Wouldn’t that be hilarious to have a bunch of Portraits of random people in my home that I don’t even know…. Your talent is beautiful.

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