Oceanside, California : Nature

So as most of you probably know, we have been getting hit pretty hard core lately here on the coast with some storm systems. The other day my son’s karate class was canceled because of the storm. The road down by the beach was shut down and there were quite a few cop cars roaming around. So what did I do? I ran home grabbed my camera and headed back into the “danger zone”. I pulled off in a little round about right where the road was closed and got out into the storm to take these pictures. I got pretty wet as it was pouring at the moment, my two kids were safe in the van next to me. Pretty soon a cop came along and told me I should probably move.

Maybe I should become a storm chaser photographer when I grow up? What do you think? The ocean was crazy, but I loved being right there in the action. I am really excited to be putting these up on my blog, because I am so backlogged in my photo blogging it is a little ridiculous. Dont worry I still have Christmas card designs and Christmas family pictures to put up on here, but I am excited to blog something I actually just shot and am excited about. If you want some cool art, order a fine art canvas of one these here!

2 Replies to “Oceanside, California : Nature”

  1. Tom

    So, yeah I guess the storm chasing thing runs in the family? Nothing is cooler to me than thunderstorms, rain, really heavy snow, the works. I just want to be there when it is being crazy.

  2. Kata

    Incredible. Always makes me realize that I am not in charge, that there is a bigger picture, and most of all there is a Heavenly Father.

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