My Press Printed Products

I am so excited to introduce my press printed products! These are a fairly newaddition to what I offer and I just love them. They can be used as Christmas cards,announcements, wedding thank you cards. Anything, really. They come in several different sizes and varieties of folds. I have a bunch of examples below so call me with any questions.

4×5.5 Folded (vertical or horizontal fold available)

5×5 Folded (vertical or horizontal fold available)

5×7 Folded (vertical or horizontal fold available)

4×5.5 Accordion Fold

5×5 Trifold

The cards are available with three different paper types: Standard, Art, or Pearl (my favorite). Flat postcard styles are also available. Below you can find the pricing breakdown for these. They are sold in packages of 25, and the pricing listed is per package of 25. The more you get the cheaper they are per 25. The pricing includes custom layout and design, as well as envelopes. Get your family picture booked for this fall so you can have the coolest Christmas cards around!

1-23-56-910-1920-4546-75UV Coating(per pkg of 25) $46.00$45.00$42.20$41.00$38.90$37.95$5.00 $57.05$55.80$52.20$50.80$48.05$46.90$8.00 $33.75$33.15$31.30$30.65$29.30$28.70$4.00 $38.65$38.00$35.90$35.05$33.55$32.85$5.00 $65.50$64.00$59.65$58.00$54.80$53.30$8.00

Card Size
4×5.5 Folded
5×7 Folded and 5×5 Folded
4×5.5 Flat
5×7 Flat and 5×5 Flat
5×5 Trifold and 4×5.5 Accordion

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