Natalie and Jordan’s Wedding

Congratulations to Natalie and Jordan! They got married this last Saturday and you have never seen a happier couple! Or at least an outwardly happy couple. It was great to be with them and their family on such a gorgeous day. I have know Natalie and her family for many years as her older sister is one of my best friends and was my college roommate. It was great to be around the Jensen’s again, they are just so happy it is infectious. All four sets of grandparents were able to attend and so that was a neat thing. Isnt Natalie’s grandma (in the white) just about as adorable as you can get? Natalie wanted to have a picture of the flying bride, and I have to say she kinda looks like she is flying. Everyone loves this jumping thing lately. Apparently jumping in your wedding dress is all the rage. Okay I am kinda rambling on here but as you can tell we had a great time! For the rest of the pictures go here.

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