Fremont Street

While I was at the WPPI convention down at Bally’s I took about a thirty minutes of time and headed over to the Fremont Street Experience. It is just an area I have always wanted to photograph, so I took my camera and saw what I could see. I became slightly infatuated with the way the signs looked and especially since I was there during the day the way the neon lights look with no neon. Plus being a Vegas native, I can tell you that these signs mean more to Vegas then some of the big ones down south. I still want to go to the graveyard of signs where they have all the ones from the imploded hotels. Anyone want their pics done there – it would be awesome. Maybe one of you edgy seniors, I cant think of a better way to say “I’m from Vegas baby!” then having your pics done there.

Anyway, random tangent, back to my Fremont Experiment. It felt a little like an old school assignment from Val Brinkerhoff about lines and colors. But I kinda like the graphic quality of the images that came out of it. My two favorite pictures of course ended up being of people (plus a fascinating graphic background). I had fun, leave a comment and let me know what you think… Click here to see more.

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