I had a great time at the Wedding and Portrait Photographers International Convention this weekend.  It was inspirational and delightful.  I feel like I learned so much.  For the most part I went to classes focusing on business and just am so stoked (a word from the 1990’s for you youngins out there) to implement some new procedures and marketing things that will just help everything run smoother for me.  I am also really excited to announce that I am switching to a new lab, they are called White House Custom Color, and I just know that you will all love the new products with them.

Although I loved the business part.  My two favorite classes were creative ones of course.  The first was with a guy named Chris Conrad.  He is a fine art photographer who lives in Moab, Utah.  He just totally took me back to my photography professors John Telford and Val Brinkerhoff, and inspired me to work on my fine art more.  He does amazing all night long exposures of star trails and moon trails.  They were great.
After him we went to the program by Jesh de Rox.  If you want to see some amazing wedding photography and be inspired go to his site.  (Or you could go to mine, cause Im amazing too…:)  But Jesh really inspired me, not all because of his images which I like, but because of his philosophy on life.  His entire talk was on the beauty that each of us as human beings have inside.  How each of us can reach inside learn things about ourselves and create beauty, whether it is with words, paint, music, cameras, digital media, or any other form of beauty.  As I write about it I worry that I cannot get the feeling across to you, my audience, and that it might all sound cheesy and artsy fartsy.  It wasnt though, his entire talk was full of principles I find to be very true, and after listening to him I have  a greater resolve to open my heart to others and to encourage you all to do the same.  He talked about how much more beautiful the world would be if instead of having superficial conversations all the time, we really found the beauty in each human being.  We should all be like children and open our hearts the way they do.  At any rate go to his site, and you will get an idea of what the talk was like.  I loved it!
If you are a photographer and havent ever gone to WPPI I highly recommend it.  It was great!

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