Cabo San Lucas

My husband and I went on an amazingly relaxing cruise for our five year anniversary. My profession being what it is, I always try to really go on vacation, but never seem to manage it. I always take my good camera, because I figure, I will be really upset if I want to take a picture and can’t. But then instead of fully relaxing, I always end up exploring where ever we are photographically. Sometimes it feels like a curse, but most the time I love it. I took this picture at “lover’s beach” in Cabo San Lucas, and just loved the contrast of the yellow and blue. See more of these pics here.

I also started (during one of the “at sea” days) taking portraits of my fellow cruisers. It turned out to be a pretty interesting collection of portraits. I also wrote down each of the people’s # of cruises they had been on, and plan to submit it as a photo story about the kind of people who go on cruises. The boat was full of fascinating people. Here are a couple of my favorites, check out the full collection here.

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