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I am a creative person and after what feels like forever I am finally creating art again! I have not posted here in a very long time. Apparently moving from Okinawa to Chicago in the middle of a pandemic was traumatic for me because it has taken a really long time to recover. It makes me think I never want to move again. I have recently been having some creative and professional stirrings again which honestly have not happened for a really really long time. Its not that I haven’t been shooting, just that I haven’t been really wanting to shoot. I never stop shooting. I think what has brought me back to my creative self is street photography. So I am very grateful to be living near an awesome and fun city. Here is a bit of Chicago through my eyes.

in camera movement double exposure creative
creative branding sessions

Art begets art

Does other art ever inspire you to create more art? This installation piece at the Art Institute of Chicago really got me thinking and resulted in this creation. I love being in museums and being inspired that way by other artists. I recently listened to a TED talk by Elizabeth Gilbert. It is like 12 years old but I feel I should listen to it every single year. She talked about creativity and how the best thing to do when as an artist you are feeling afraid is to just get to work. Just do it. It reminds me of a quote from Vincent Van Gogh “If you hear a voice with you say you cannot paint, then by all means paint and that voice will be silenced.” Yes.

street art creative
black and white is creative
nostalgic creative

Seeing with a creative eye

We went on a ghost and gangsters tour in Chicago one evening which resulted in these nostalgic black and white images of the city at night. I felt that I was transported to the time of Al Capone.

architecture is art
finding creative light
creative framing street photography

How come cities are so cool?! I would love to photograph a documentary or branding session for you and your business! I work in the greater Chicago area. Contact me today!

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